Latest Reactions By Political Figures To The Paris Attacks

In the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, that killed more than 120 people and left hundreds injured, different political figures from different parts of the world, have elicited different reactions and responses to the issues surrounding this inhuman act that was carried out by terror gangs. This has also seen several U.S presidential hopefuls try to express what they think and what they would have done to prevent a repeat of the same on the U.S soil or in any other country. Some notable responses include;

The retired neurosurgeon and famed writer, Ben Carson, who is also an aspiring U.S presidential candidate, has said that if he were president during such a time, he would use “every resource known to man” to fight and completely stop terrorism, and especially Islamic backed terror activities. He also added that it would be wrong to assume or conclude that his mild personality would crowd his judgment when dealing with global threats. He asked for redoubling of efforts geared towards resisting the spread or adoption of terrorist philosophies.

After extending his sincere condolences to France, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, added a congratulatory statement to his speech in Berlin. He praised the Paris attack hostage victims that left the stadium proudly singing their national anthem to show solidarity and brevity even in the face of terror. He promised to stand shoulder to shoulder with France and the rest of the world in the fight against terrorism.

Government leaders, political aspirants, religious leaders, business moguls, and celebrities alike have all come together to offer condolences to France and to condemn what happened on Friday in Paris. Some of them offered help while others made suggestions on the best course of action, but one political aspirant and business mogul’s response was unexpected and has attracted a lot of attention especially negative. That is Donald trumps’ statement that blamed the huge loss of life during the attacks, to the stringent gun possession laws in Paris. He said that if the victims had guns or rather if they were allowed to carry guns it would have been a different situation. He said this yesterday when speaking in Texas.